Guiding Principles  |  IRR-analytics, LLC

Respect the time of others.  We will always keep the client’s time and resources in mind when working on a project.  Email will generally be used to contact a client, unless otherwise instructed, in order to provide time for a response at the client’s convenience.  Initial document requests are comprehensive and intended to limit frequent subsequent requests.  Certain documents may be not applicable, difficult to produce, or otherwise unavailable for the engagement and should be disregarded.  Institutions are not always expected to provide all requested documents and we will follow up if critical items are missing.  

Produce insightful content.  Each client user should take away something new and useful about their institution, financial model, and/or industry practices.  Those with a financial background should find technical value in the project.  Non-financial users should gain further understanding of key concepts in order to consider and discuss them appropriately.  All content should be clear and concise.  

Conduct projects with rigor.  The primary objectives of each project must be fully accomplished and we will adapt to unforeseen challenges.  There is no allowance for errors or incomplete assessments on our part.  We will work in partnership with clients to  improve processes.    

Focus on big picture.  Findings and recommendations should be meaningful and help an institution advance its risk management program.  Minor recommendations may be made directly to management and excluded from reports if they are not significant enough to cause material inaccuracies.  Emphasis will be placed on quality not quantity.

Stimulate productive discussion.  Financial modeling is an imperfect science and decision-making should consider the key concepts underlying model output.  Engagements are intended to stimulate discussion of these key concepts in order to improve both financial modeling and decision-making.