Why Choose IRR-analytics, LLC?

IRR-analytics, LLC provides the highest quality ALM consulting support services in the industry.  We provide these support services to our clients with qualified consultants, streamlined programs, and extensive support resources.  

Qualified Consultants:  The firm’s staff has strong credentials and decades of experience in both management and examiner roles.  Our consultants provide independent advice to advance your ALM program.  The firm’s founder is involved in all engagements and reviews all reports and deliverables.  IRR-analytics, LLC also has a professional proofreader on staff that reviews and edits all reports prior to distribution to the client.      ​      ​

Streamlined Programs:  Our programs are focused and designed to limit disruption to your organization.  Document requests are customized whenever possible and we use a secure file transfer system to exchange files.  We turn around draft reports quickly and do our best to accommodate your scheduling preferences and deadlines. ​

Support Resources:  IRR-analytics, LLC maintains an extensive collection of support resources such as peer data, assumption development tools, report templates, sample policy language, and compilations of common exam issues.  We make ourselves available to clients throughout the year on an informal basis with access to our support materials at no charge.  Each engagement includes a “Notes to Management” report with additional observations, detailed suggestions to address any report recommendations, and minor suggestions excluded from the formal report.  IRR-analytics, LLC maintains a network of partnerships to augment our own resources as needed with CUSIP-level security cash flows and valuations, industry prepayment speeds, parallel challenger model capabilities, and related ALM support.       

Results:  We believe clients provide the best account of our professional services and encourage you to contact our references for direct testimonials.  We strive to maintain our exceptional service record in terms of turnaround times, exam results, feedback, and client retention.  Please contact us for a due diligence packet, reference list, and proposal for services.