Independent Review and Model Validation

Independent reviews satisfy the requirements of current regulatory guidance and consider industry best practices, emerging trends, and practical considerations.  Your institution's risk management program will be evaluated for integrity and reasonableness and a report will be issued with any recommendations.  It is our policy to be available to clients throughout the year on an informal basis to evaluate program changes, including the implementation of our recommendations.

Additional ALM Services

Additional ALM services may be available as needed at an hourly rate, subject to the independence requirements of related engagements.  Additional ALM services include limited-scope reviews, deposit studies, loan pre-payment analysis, assumptions support development, backtesting, sensitivity testing, data scrubs, validation, model selection services, contingency planning, liquidity reviews, securities audits/reviews, and related services.

All services, including reviews, are conducted by the firm's principal member and founder, Brian Heim, CPA.  A comprehensive Due Diligence Packet with additional information is available upon request to facilitate the vendor selection process.